empresa2We have 30 years experience and are the third family generation dedicated to the processing and sales of metals. Although we are very proud of our past and learn from our experience, we are also very dedicated to the future, it is for the reason we collate our ideas and concepts in business and environmental issues and implement these throughout our company to ensure the best outcomes possible. In this section you will find further details on categories mentioned above.



empresa 3 generations dedicated to the recovery of metals, past generations have given us the knowledge and experience of this business since 1920. Due to our experienced background we have created a small modern, family business. We are constantly implementing new technologies and processes to ensure our company continues to be productive and modern.

The actual society, Santos Bartolome s,a began in 1979 with one clear objective, the recovery of non-ferrous metals, processing and sales. In the last few years we have been able to expand internationally and are no longer limited to national borders.

Our import and export activity is consolidated and our client base is very satisfied with our service, we strive to constantly improve and have implemented two internationally recognised standards, ISO 14001 for environmental and 90001 for quality.

medio_ambienteSantos Bartolome has made every effort to protect the environment and is very conscious of the importance of recycling and the environment. It is for this reason we have voluntarily decided to implement the ISO-14001.

ISO14001 gives strict guidelines to ensure the protection of the environment, this type of system enables companies to establish and implement efficient procedures to achieve the objectives set out to protect the environment.

With the implementation of the ISO-14001. we are promising to do our best to reduce the environmental impacts and contamination that maybe caused through our processes and production. All of our employees will be given indepth knowledge of the requirements. Finally we would like to express our firm intention to adhere to the legislation of the ISO 14001.






calidadWe have clear in our minds that the success of our company is achieved through our professional team and the search for achieving the best products and services to obtain our fundamental goal which is the ultimate satisfaction to our customers. In this search we continue the highest level of efficiency and have implemented the international standard for quality ISO-9001.

With this guideline we implement a system of processing to ensure that the quality of our products and services result in the detection, planning, prevention and correction for our continuing success.

Due to the complex business and high level of the global market it is becoming increasingly more important to work with a system stating the international guidelines for quality. In our case ISO 9001:2008 supports us in reviewing our companies’ actions regularly to examine the quality of our services.


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Our installations are situated in Parcela 3, Pologono Industrial de Argales in the city of Valladolid, capital of the Castilla and Leon region, the biggest extension of the European Union.

We are privileged to be situated in the centre of the peninsular only 193 km from Madrid, the capital of Spain. Our city supports important industries for example the automobile sector. Valladolid has excellent transport infrastructure and networks to ensure the distribution of our products throughout the world.

Our installations incorporate a 4.000 metre extension; within this extension we have a dedicated space for the warehouse and housing the stocks. There is a zone dedicated to the process of our production and our offices. All our technologies both in the warehouse and on site are equipped with the most modern and up to date equipment.